How To Capture Simple Heartfelt Newborn Photos

newborn photographyThere is one cliché uttered when you have a baby that rings painfully, and undeniably true.

They grow up too fast.

After browsing Babble’s Digital Photography Guide this week, I felt inspired to offer some simple tips to help you capture beautiful, heartfelt photographs of your new baby in the comfort of your own home.

Professional photo sessions are great, but you don’t need fancy props, complicated lighting, or expensive equipment to create gorgeous photo memories.

Grab your camera, and follow these 10 simple tips to achieve stunning results!

  • Use Natural Light 1 of 10
    Use Natural Light
    Utilizing natural light is absolutely key when photographing babies. Turn off your flash, and photograph your baby near a window or open door. This is the most important tip I can offer to anyone hoping to achieve beautiful portraits of their child.

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • The Simple Backdrop 2 of 10
    The Simple Backdrop
    Drape a large, soft, solid color blanket to achieve a simple classic background in your newborn photos. You can also hit your local fabric store to find a plethora of background materials at just a few dollars per yard. Turn a bed and a stack of pillows into a studio with ease!

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • Tender Moments 3 of 10
    Tender Moments
    That sweet newborn smell, and the softness of your baby's skin won't last forever, so be sure to make a visual record that will.

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • Capture the Details 4 of 10
    Capture the Details
    Take photos of your baby's tiny fingers and toes. Take photos of her sweet, perfect little ears, the peach fuzz on her shoulders, and her adorable lips. Your newborn is unique, and there are always stories to be told in the details.

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • Get Close 5 of 10
    Get Close
    Soon enough, your kid won't want you in his face taking pictures, trust me. Take advantage of this period when he can't wiggle away! Get close, and take photos while looking right into those deep, beautiful eyes.

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • Hands On 6 of 10
    Hands On
    Call your husband into the room, and ask him to scoop your newborn gently into his big strong hands. This makes a sweet photograph, and who doesn't like an excuse to hold the baby?

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • Focus on Baby 7 of 10
    Focus on Baby
    Put the focus on your baby and give your photos that blurred background effect by utilizing a shallow depth of field. Learn more about apertures, and choosing the right camera in the Babble's Digital Photography Guide

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • The Family Portrait 8 of 10
    The Family Portrait
    When your friends and family come to visit your newborn (and come, they will), hand off the camera and set up this simple family portrait on a bed. Shots like this are a great way to create contrast, and will help you remember just how tiny your baby once was!

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • A Day in the Life 9 of 10
    A Day in the Life
    Remember, you don't have to create elaborate or unnatural poses to capture truly memorable photos of your newborn. Sometimes candid, everyday moments are the most honest reflections of life as it was during this time.

    Photo © Crissy Page
  • Don’t Forget the Siblings! 10 of 10
    Don't Forget the Siblings!
    If you have other children, don't forget to include them in your newborn photography session. There is nothing cuter than big brother or sister snuggling with the new addition!

    Photo © Crissy Page

From the first breath to the first smile, tips on taking great newborn photos

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