How To: A Virtual Baby Shower

A friend who is pregnant was recently asking me about my opinion on virtual showers – yay or nay? And this friend isn’t a blogger, but is far away from most family or friends who would otherwise be throwing her an “real live” shower.

I think that virtual showers are not only a FABULOUS idea for any mom who would like the celebration but can’t, for whatever reason, be in person with those who want to celebrate with her. There are so many different options, one just needs to get creative!

Think about where you (or whomever the mom-to-be is) will be registering. Most of my family are out of town, but still asked me to put some of my wants and needs into a registry they could access and buy from. I personally love using Wishpot, because any item from any online store (including Etsy!) can be put into the registry. Other great online options are Amazon.com and of course BabiesRUs.com

Decide the “where” for the party. Will you do a video streaming chat/party, will you do a conference call, will you do a private Facebook group and have the party last a week? Think outside the box on this one! The mom can open the presents live, over the phone, or throughout the week.

Plan when the presents will be opened – again, much like deciding on the “where”, this is also something to get creative with. If everyone plans to have gifts arrive before the designated time, mom-to-be can open the gifts “live”, or the whole affair can be run as an open house of sorts, with people popping in to leave well wishes on Facebook or a blog, and the mom can upload pics as she receives the gifts.

Is Food a no go? It might be tricky, but a little planning will go a long way on this one. Maybe everyone can plan on having cupcakes to eat while meeting for the party, or maybe cupcakes are just sent to the mom-to-be. Again, being unorthodox is the whole point here, so go for whatever works!

What about baby shower games? These are still do-able as well! Many of the games like measuring the tummy or other related games where you submit guesses, can simply be done virtually with the mom sharing the answer, drawing a winner or just telling everyone over the phone. Keep this creative and it will be a hilarious time for the party guests!

Have fun! Don’t take things too seriously and be open to some unorthodox ways of “showering” and this will be a really memorable time for you!


By the way? A friend is throwing me a virtual shower next week, hosted on her blog. Everyone is invited, and you might even take home some presents yourself!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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