How to Have Fun at Your Prenatal Visits

Having fun at your prenatal visits!
Have fun at your prenatal visits

If you’re pregnant and seeing an OBGYN – you, the doctor and nurses will soon become very familiar with each other.

You will reveal things you never thought you would have to tell someone.
You will be touched in places you never wanted to be touched.
You will have to be weighed regularly while you are at most likely the largest weight you ever will weigh.

Let’s just say this – those prenatal visits aren’t an event you will look forward to.

That being said, life should be fun. And what better way to make the best out of a bad situation then to have fun at your prenatal visits.

Before you think that I’m a crack smoker, here’s a journey of my last pregnancy, at the doctor’s office.

Yes, I bring my phone everywhere and I promise, I don’t make it a habit to bring my camera into the bathroom, outside of the OBGYN’s office that is.

  • YAY! IUD 1 of 18
    YAY! IUD
    Yes, this is an IUD. This photo went to my circle of friends with the caption "If I had filled out the forms for this, I wouldn't be here right now." It's so true, but there is a reason for everything.
  • PEE! 2 of 18
    Yep, I took photos (keep clicking!) of my pee. What a crappy job - having to test my pee for whatever, each and everytime I go in. Why not make the nurses chuckle?
  • Hello Ultrasound Tech 3 of 18
    Hello Ultrasound Tech
    I am sure the ultrasound tech LOVED his photo being taken while having to do an internal ultrasound on me. Say CHEESE!
  • More P! 4 of 18
    More P!
    I C.U.P. - Nothing like decorating a cup and then peeing in it.
  • Photo fun of the flip charts! 5 of 18
    Photo fun of the flip charts!
    Who doesn't love those fun flip charts?
  • This one was texted to several friends with “And we’re having a…” 6 of 18
    This one was texted to several friends with "And we're having a..."
    Since we didn't reveal the sex of the baby, I received several hate texts after sending this one... Like i'd tell! ha!
  • YAY P! 7 of 18
    YAY P!
    I did have a nurse who told me that she loves when I come in, that it's always a quest for "what is she going to write this time on her P". Glad to make your day... with my urine.
  • Edinburgh Depression Test 8 of 18
    Edinburgh Depression Test
    YUCK, I hated this. This past pregnancy was rough, and this day I didn't have it in me to joke about how I was feeling.
  • More Flip Chart FUN! 9 of 18
    More Flip Chart FUN!
    Gotta love them diagrams.
  • Doctor Participation! 10 of 18
    Doctor Participation!
    So, I got busted. Several of my friends and I go to the same OBGYN. My doctor walked in, laughed and said she had a photo she wanted me to take. She proceeded to pull this image up and pose for the photo. I agreed to chop off her head. I love her.
  • PEE! 11 of 18
    UGH, the peeing in a cup bit - I am so over!
  • Sarcasm at it’s best 12 of 18
    Sarcasm at it's best
    My fave part of my visit, not really.
  • STDs! 13 of 18
    Of course I had to send this to my girlys. What better text to receive in the middle of the day while plugging away at work or caring for a child, than an image of STDs.
  • IV me and I’ll take a photo 14 of 18
    IV me and I'll take a photo
    IV'd all up when dealing with dehydration. Dehydration = no bueno.
  • My Urine 15 of 18
    My Urine
    Just in case the nurse didn't know what I put in the cup...
  • BLOOD! 16 of 18
    The vampire (blood tech) always asked what I was taking photos of. Your viles of course woman!
  • More P! 17 of 18
    More P!
    Was hoping to jinks the kid out. It didn't work.
  • My Final Pee 18 of 18
    My Final Pee
    This could possibly be the last time I pee pregnant in a cup. TEAR, but I have it photographed so I can forever remember.

A few tips for having fun at your prenatal visits:

  • Make sure your OBGYN has a sense of humor
  • Find a group of friends that can laugh with you. At each visit I texted a group of my friends photos from the OBGYN office (hence what the above photos are from). It’s now become a tradition. We all know when each is at the OBGYN.

Live life fully. Even when you go to the OBGYN. Have fun.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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