How To Keep Kids Entertained In The Car

Even the shortest trips can seem like a drive across the country when you’ve got ansty kids in the car. What’s the best way to save your frayed patience and give them a car ride to look forward to? I’ve discovered through my own trial and error, and found great tips from lot of other moms on some of the most entertaining and fun activities for the car. Keep reading for all the tips…

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DIY Travel Lap Tray don’t be intimidated by the DIY label. You can do this and if you can’t, well then just tape the Velcro to the back of a cookie sheet and an old pillow and stick them together and place a bag of car fun supplies next to the car seat. The fun supplies list will follow.

Now that you have the genius travel tray with edges to keep objects from rolling off, it’s time to get your supplies together. The tray is metal, which is made for magnet play. Get a bunch of magnetic letters, numbers and those fun dress up dolls (they make them for boys and girls). You can even find magnetic building or pattern blocks.

Let’s not forget coloring books and crayons, the tray has an edge to keep the crayons from rolling off. New sticker books for long road trips are a fun way to occupy some time as well.

While we are at it with the sided tray, you might as well pack some legos to build and some beads for making a necklace (tip for the beads, place them in shallow container on the tray).

If your little ones are fans of songs, teach them your old camp songs or your favorite family songs. My kids love the “I’m going to London and packing my…” (1st person says and item), second person repeats “I’m going to London…”, what the first person said they are packing, and adds their own. Keep going until someone forgets something – the list can get really silly and make for lots of family laughter.

If your kids still need entertainment, bring the DVD player with favorite videos and perhaps a new one as well. Or an iPad/iphone with educational apps and some new and fun apps like the Toca Boca’s.

After all these great ideas your kids are sure to love the car!

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