How to Make Your Pregnancy Look Totally Awesome on Facebook

How to Make Your Pregnancy Look Totally Awesome on Facebook

I’ve told you all numerous times just how much I love The Stir. I swear, their blog is like a mini vacation for me most days! When I came across their hilarious post about fudging a fantastic pregnancy on Facebook, I couldn’t stop cracking up.

Unless you’re in high school (or act like you still are), you don’t use Facebook as a platform to complain about everything in your life. Most of us share the good in our lives because really who wants to hear it otherwise? Sure, the occasional bitch fest about traffic or the insane amount of unhelpful time you were left on hold with the cable company, only to never have the problem resolved: we’ve all been there and posted about it.

But pregnancy is supposed to be amazing. And you had better make it look that way on Facebook. No one wants to hear about your pregnancy gas. Or that you’re now questioning whether or not you’re capable of raising a kid. Seriously, think about that shit before getting yourself knocked up. And we really don’t want to know about your vaginal discharge!

Ladies, I’m kidding. I want to hear about your farting. I’m here for you. I questioned my abilities as a parent when I was pregnant with my twins, too. And I’m queen of over-sharing news about my vagina (and more news about my vagina). I think you should post whatever the heck you want to post about your pregnancy!

But if you want to make it look like your pregnancy is nothing but roses, The Stir has some really great advice about how to make your pregnancy look totally awesome on Facebook. Here’s some of what they say:

  • Only post photos where you look breathtaking and stunning.
  • Don’t post about your pregnancy too often. Pregnancy is super exciting, but nobody wants to read about it 24/7.
  • Lie. Lie your pregnant ass off. Say your child had an IQ test in utero and blew it out of the water. If people dare to question whether or not you’re telling the truth, just make them feel stupid. Say something like: “Oh, you must go to a really crappy doctor if you’ve never heard of this test.”

HA! Don’t you just love them?

:: Do you over share on Facebook? Keep it to yourself? Or find a nice balance? ::

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