How To Not Go Crazy in the Last Few Weeks

A full term baby bump!

This weekend I hit the milestone where all of my updates and weekly emails tell me, “Congratulations, you have reached full term!”.  While obviously I am overjoyed to have had 37 healthy weeks of pregnancy, it’s hard to start celebrating when the finish line still feels just out of sight.

I think to some extent the waiting game is even harder for friends and family.  At any given moment, I know how I feel, if I’m en route to the hospital or not, and whether or not I’m experiencing labor symptoms.  It’s only natural that everyone I call or talk to immediately wants to know these same things.  But realistically, if he pushes his limits, this baby could still be five entire weeks away!

Because of that, I’m doing my best to NOT wake up every morning thinking “this could be the day I have a baby!”  Here are a few things I am doing so that I don’t go crazy in these last few weeks…

1.  Filling my days — Working from home has many, many pros, but anyone who has done it can also assure you that there are some cons.  An unstructured day is both a blessing and a curse.  I have made a point recently to work on a set schedule, and to fill each day with at least one “leave the house” activity — whether it’s a walk with a friend, an errand, or a trip to the gym.  I can always resume my work when I get home in the evening, but filling up the daytime keeps me focused on work and projects, rather than reading a list of labor signs for the 45th time.

2.  Taking advantage of time — Many experienced moms like to tell us newbies, “just you wait — you won’t have time for anything once your baby arrives!”  While I don’t necessarily feel this advice is necessary (or even true?), I am definitely aware that time will be of a premium with our new addition, and that life in general will simply be very different.  In these last few weeks of waiting, my husband and I are taking advantage of our last bit of time “just us two” — going to concerts, dinners out, renting movies, and all of the other things that will become more difficult with a baby in tow.

3.  Not looking at my calendar — With the end so close it is so easy to keep looking ahead on the calendar and thinking, “any day now!”  But realistically it could be quite a few more weeks.  I’m trying to just focus on each day and what I need to get done, rather than constantly looking forward and wishing for the next day to get here.  It will be here soon enough…

How did you stay sane through the final weeks of the third trimester??



Article Posted 7 years Ago

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