How to Sew a Birthing Gown

This gown could be yours!

Curious?  I wear these gowns post-birth, because frankly I don’t really want to wear much during the birth!  But after, it’s so nice to have something soft to wear.

The even cooler part about these gowns is that the tutorial doesn’t rely on a pattern you have to find or buy; you can create it (easily) yourself, and it’s very forgiving.  That is, even people new to sewing can make this!  The even cooler part is, you can literally make this any size you want, from newborn (yes, I made some like this for my baby, too) up to plus sizes.  These make good nightshirts if you don’t have a need for a ‘birthing gown’ specifically.  Mine is so soft (I used organic bamboo velour) that others might just get jealous and want one too!  I forsee a little girl asking for a ‘nightgown’ in my near future….

  • Folded Fabric 1 of 10
    Folded Fabric
    First, fold your fabric right sides together. Cut a rectangle out for the back of your shirt (for details on how big, see the full tutorial).
  • Neckhole 2 of 10
    Cut the neckhole starting on the folded edge.
  • Armhole 3 of 10
    On the other side (opposite the fold), cut the armhole.
  • Front of Shirt 4 of 10
    Front of Shirt
    Cut another, slightly larger rectangle for the front of the shirt (in two pieces). Make the arm and neckholes match the back of the shirt.
  • Sleeves 5 of 10
    Cut smaller rectangles for the sleeves. Line them up with the armhole and cut them to fit.
  • Pin Front and Back 6 of 10
    Pin Front and Back
    Pin the front to the back (right sides together) at the sides and the shoulders. Sew together.
  • Sew and Hem Sleeves 7 of 10
    Sew and Hem Sleeves
    Sew the sleeves closed on the side opposite the fold, then hem the other side.
  • Pin Sleeves 8 of 10
    Pin Sleeves
    Pin the sleeves onto the body of the shirt. Sew them on.
  • Hem Shirt 9 of 10
    Hem Shirt
    Hem the shirt all along the outer edges. At this point, you can add ties, buttons, or snaps if desired.
  • Finished Shirt 10 of 10
    Finished Shirt
    Your shirt is done! Try it on!

For a full, very detailed tutorial, please click here!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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