How I Carry While Pregnant

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Last week I was at a the Blissdom conference in Dallas, TX. It was awesome! The week before I went I decided to go shopping for a few new things to wear so I could look like a proper, professional pregnant lady. On Friday I wore my new favorite outfit: comfy black leggings with a super colorful striped shirt from the Jessica Simpson maternity line.

The thing about this outfit is that it’s, uh, a little form fitting or tight. It is not in the ‘baggy/loose/flowy’ category of clothing. It is in the, ‘Hey, look! I’m pregnant! Check out my bump!’ category. I wasn’t too surprised when I started getting comments on my shape. I’m a fairly petite woman and my 27 week bump is anything but petite. So, I got all the comments you can imagine:

“Wow! Look at you!”

“You’re all belly!”

“I can’t even tell you’re pregnant from the back! Do you have crazy stretch marks?” (Yes. Yes, I do.)

“It’s a boy, right? I can tell by your shape!”

And on and on. The last comment really caught me off-guard because do people really still think that women carry differently depending on the sex of the baby?! Is there any truth to this at all? I have carried all three of my pregnancies the same way, regardless of what’s growing in there.

Thankfully, only one person felt the need to actually touch my belly and no one mistakenly asked if I was ‘about to pop’–one of my least favorite questions to receive while pregnant.

In any case, because I wore an outfit that “put it out there” I subsequently spent the day wandering around meeting new people and weathering the onslaught of comments about my belly. By the time I got back to my hotel room that night I took a moment to assess my shape in the full-length mirror. The longer I stared, the bigger my belly seemed to look in relation to be legs and chest. Oh my god, I AM carrying like a torpedo. But you know what? I kind of like it!

The next day I surrendered and threw on a looser top with jeans. I had belly-comment-fatigue.

How did you carry when you were pregnant?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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