I Am Finally Able To Eat Again After Severe Morning Sickness

morning sicknessI can eat again! After 11 weeks of dealing with pretty severe morning sickness, I am finally feeling friendly with real food again. I have been on medication and modifications since about 6 weeks and I am thrilled that ever since approaching 15 weeks, the nausea and vomiting seems to be under control and more manageable.

I have been living off potatoes, crackers, and electrolyte popsicles for the past few months and it was all my delicate stomach could handle. I have experience with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (also known as NVP) since I’ve had it with all my pregnancies. During my last pregnancy, I had NVP  until the day after I delivered. And I knew it was something I could expect this time around too.

I was hopeful it wouldn’t last as long this time, but I was as prepared for it as I could be.

Over the past week or so, I have finally been feeling well enough to venture back into the world of “real food.” My go-to is fruit—like all the fruit in the world. And anything sour, like orange juice.

I still have a sensitive stomach. I can’t handle too much outside of fruit right now. (Meat is a big NO-GO!) But oh! How wonderful it feels to have a little relief from the morning sickness.

:: How long did your bad morning sickness linger around? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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