My Unborn Baby Made Me Buy a Minivan

VanYes, it happened. We bought a minivan this week. After 16 years of driving sedans, we broke down and got this big, giant, cavernous vehicle.

It wasn’t really a choice. Only a couple days after the “pregnant” popped up on the pee stick, I realized that three car seats are not going to fit across the backseat of my sedan. *&%$!!!

I want to be clear: this purchase does not count as “nesting.” I dragged my feet. I procrastinated. I felt no great maternal satisfaction over this purchase. I liked being one of the few parents in line at preschool pickup with a smaller car. It made me feel less matronly. Now I’m just another mom in yoga pants running to Target and the library in her big-ass minivan.

Wait…what’s that sound? Oh yes, it’s the last remaining shreds of my youth gasping for breath.

And yet…WOW, this thing has a ton of storage space and it has all these doors that open when you push a button and there are TV screens in it!!!

So you can see, I have extremely mixed feelings about this purchase. This third baby is creating way more ripples in our family life than his brother before him. Going from one to two kids didn’t feel like a huge transition in lifestyle. I was already changing diapers, everything was already baby-proofed…we just made a little extra space in our lives and Baby #2 just fit.

But Baby #3 isn’t even here yet and he has already cost us thousands of dollars from our savings account, due to the van. Not to mention that we are also looking for a bigger house because the tiny one we’re in now barely fits four people. This whole “Family of 5” thing is blindsiding me left and right. And my poor bank account! Sigh.

Did you have to make a lot of new purchases when welcoming baby #2 or 3?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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