I Can’t Breathe! Battling Nasal Congestion During Pregnancy

This morning I was on the phone with my friend Amy and she said, “Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you–are you experiencing a lot of nasal congestion with your pregnancy?”

She asked because I’ve pretty much been a nasal-y, stuffed up, snot rocket for the past 6 months.  I sound sick. I look so tired I should be sick, but I’m really just experiencing a fairly common pregnancy symptom: nasal congestion.

According to my OB the stuffiness is caused by extra hormones that make the membranes in your nose (and whole body) swell up. Awesome. And taking decongestant and using medicated nasal spray is a no-no while pregnant, so I’ve been a sniffling mess for month.

I have tried a few things to improve my nasal breathing, like using saline spray in my nose. That definitely loosens up the mucus and makes it easier to blow my nose, but a few minutes later I’m stuffed up again.

I also tried using a humidifier at night. This also helped a little, but did nothing to improve the secondary symptom caused by this constant congestion: snoring! Yes, very attractive. I have actually woken myself  up snoring this week, which I feel is a rare talent. Thankfully, my husband sleeps very soundly so my snoring has only driven him to the living room couch a couple times.

Do you have any solutions for pregnancy nasal congestion?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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