I Didn't Drink While Pregnant… But I Wanted To!

I am a wino.

I will not hide that fact.  I enjoy wine, and I think it partly has to do with growing up around a mother who loves her wine also. Different kinds, tastes, years… all kinds of wine.

During each pregnancy I stayed as far away from any form of alcohol I could. Heck I even skipped simple and safe over the counter medications because I wasn’t comfortable taking anything even though I was repeatedly told it was 100% safe.   It just wasn’t my thing.

Heck the whole time I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to dive into a glass of wine, although I never did immediately after birth either.  This time around I indulged myself once my little girl was three weeks old.   As you can see from the picture to the right… we had a great time alone… without the kids!

But despite the conflicting reports, and studies, I absolutely refuse to drink at all during pregnancy.


Because as a parent it is my job to protect my children, whether they are in the belly, or thirty years old.   Age is not a factor when it comes to the Mama Bear mentality I have, and probably always will maintain. I just cannot wrap my head around the choice of a mother to do something that for decades was drilled into society as being extremely dangerous.  Heck, same goes for letting my daughter sleep on her belly, or ride without a car seat.

I would never let it happen, why would I take the chance while they are in utero?

Alcohol is just not that important to me I guess… Just because I didn’t drink… doesn’t mean I didn’t want to!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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