I Don't Want to Give Birth During a Hurricane

Right now, I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and in the midst of the biggest hurricane NYC (and the rest of the eastern seaboard) has ever seen.

I really really really really don’t want to go into labor during the hurricane. With mass transit shut down, our garage closed and no taxis on the streets, I can’t imagine how we would even go 60 blocks to the hospital.

Unfortunately, they say low barometric pressure has been known to trigger labor. There is also something about the full moon that makes women go into labor although I don’t know if there is anything scientific about it.

I asked my doctor about the impending hurricane coinciding with the full moon at my appointment last Thursday and he said, “Oh, yes, We are expecting a full house.”

Meaning, I am not making this stuff up. Whether there is real science backing it up or not, it’s definitely something recognized by the medical community— or at the very least , MY DOCTOR.

In fact, the night I gave birth to my daughter Mazzy, more than two years ago, was also during a huge rainstorm. I was two weeks early and the maternity ward was PACKED. So packed, that I was told there were no more beds left and had to stand in the waiting room for two hours (2am-4am) before anybody even checked me out.

This was in what is considered the best hospital for giving birth in all of Manhattan.

Then, when I was finally admitted, the nurses were running around like crazy people because they were all covering numerous patients and people were giving birth at THE EXACT SAME TIME.

I think our main nurse switched over about twelve times before I was introduced to someone completely new for the pushing portion of the event.

Every nurse we had apologized for the insanity and gave us the same explanation— “It’s a huge rainstorm. Storms always cause women to go into labor.”

So there you go, more proof that I should be officially terrified for the next two days.

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Image Source: Live Science

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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