I Drank While Pregnant

I had a glass of wine or beer a week throughout my third trimester.

I never really wrote about it while pregnant because I just didn’t feel like dealing with the backlash, but I drank alcohol throughout my third trimester of pregnancy. I had a glass of wine or beer on Friday and/or Saturday night and I have absolutely no problem with that, obviously.

I talked with my doctor about it and he said it was fine. Studies have shown one or two drinks a week is fine but society is still not accepting of pregnant women who drink. I’d never drink publicly because of that societal backlash. And, come on! I live in Utah where you often get The Stink Eye for drinking even when you aren’t sporting a stomach the size of a basketball.

I’ve had several unpleasant exchanges with folks about drinking while pregnant.  They accuse me of taking unnecessary risks with the health of my child. Thing is, I don’t feel that way. Each time this debate arises, the Surgeon General’s warning on alcohol during pregnancy comes up.

Listen, the Surgeon General can’t really greenlight drinking while pregnant or a bunch of morons will start binge drinking claiming the government says it’s okay. As I mentioned here, the concern lies with overindulgence, which is why the Surgeon General deems it best to take the “better safe than sorry” approach and avoid alcohol entirely when you’re pregnant. You can’t really blame ‘em. Tell ten women a bottle of beer is okay with dinner, and one idiot out of the bunch will swig a sixer. Every night. And then sue the government for misinformation. She’s probably the daughter of that lady who sued McDonald’s for having hot coffee.

So yes, light drinking while pregnant is okay and is backed up by several studies, so don’t start accusing me of dirty dancing with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. In fact, many studies show drinking may be good for your baby.

The problem with universally okaying light drinking while pregnant is what each woman considers light drinking. If your version of light is downing a sixer on the weekend, you’ve got a problem. If you are a reasonable adult and your version (like mine) is a glass of wine on a Saturday night, you’re fine. Especially if your doctor agrees. Mine does. If you’re still concerned, check with your health care provider.

Again, it’s each woman’s choice but it burns me up when a pregnant woman gets The Stink Eye for having a glass of wine. As long as she’s not downing shots, leave her be! She could use it, trust me.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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