I Got My Breech Baby To Turn With A Bag of Frozen Peas

With every sono, every kick, every movement the last few weeks I’ve been wondering if my little one has turned. Even though I am 33 weeks, you would think I have plenty of time but after my most recent hospital stay, time isn’t on my side. You may recall reading about my breech babe here.  Well, good news! If you saw my latest post you will see that he decided to listen and turn. He is now in position! Head down, dropped and ready to vacate. With the help of frozen peas of course!

As soon as I heard the word c-section and talks about scheduling one at some point, I freaked. I’ve been so lucky to have four fairly easy vaginally deliveries. Some even natural, no drugs. So – having a c-section for my final delivery? Not the plan of choice. With that said, my doctor suggested doing handstands. Yes, handstands. Well, let me tell you. This gal is not even close to being able to do a handstand. I can’t remember the last time I actually did one on the ground. I can recall doing a few in the pool over the summer but I haven’t done a handstand since I was in gymnastics class. Well, I was 10. Needless to say, that was out.

So, I took it upon myself, with the help of Google to see just what else I could do to get this baby to move on down. The only thing that seemed simple involved a bag of cold veggies. And it just so happened I had some organic frozen peas in the fridge.

The plan of action was to sit for 30 minutes 4 times during the day with the frozen peas right on the babies head. He was so high up, I could hardly breathe so I knew exactly where his little noggin was plus he has been in the same exact position forever. Well, since I can remember.

I heard that if you place something cold where you don’t want them to be, the natural instinct is to get to where it’s warm. So I placed a very warm washcloth “down there” and popped the frozen bag of peas on the top of my belly. I’m thrilled to report, it worked! And so now I will be worrying about him flipping back. Docs say it’s not likely.

Did you have any techniques to get your little one to turn or did the flip happen naturally?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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