I Got the Fat Finger Blues

My wedding ring typically comes off my finger and placed into long term (a fire proof locked safe) storage around the 28 week pregnancy mark. After my last pregnancy, it didn’t fit back on my finger until 8 months postpartum.

Today, I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant, and the ring is pretty much stuck on my finger in a bad way. I tried to take it off last night to roll out some pizza dough, and whoa baby, I was surprised that it was already stuck on my finger. Maybe it’s just this hot and humid weather, but for today, it’s not going anywhere.

I don’t suffer from many of your typical pregnancy symptoms, but swollen fingers is one of them. My doctor always threatened: “Don’t make me have to cut that pretty ring off your finger.” And yes, I totally agree with her.

I love my wedding ring, it means the world to me, and while I really wish I could wear it throughout my pregnancy, it’s just not gonna happen for me. It’s either my finger or the ring, and I kind of like both of them.

Here I am, currently sitting with a mildly swollen finger, and ring that won’t come off without a fight. I refuse to have it clipped off with a pair of pliers, so it might actually come down to “till death do us part”.

I need advice. Has this ever happened to you? I feel like such an idiot. How would one go about getting this ring off the finger? Cutting my finger the ring off is not an option, yet.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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