I Hate Lettuce

Hate is such a strong word, but it is the feeling I am starting to have towards lettuce, anything green, healthy, low carb, and basically everything I need to be eating right now to prevent gestational diabetes again.

With my youngest son who was born in May of 2009, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, although I still to this day do not believe I had it, simply because of the blood sugar readings I had every time I tested my sugar after meals. It simply did not make sense to me.

This time around my midwife and I came to the conclusion that we should take preventative measures with my diet, and essentially, I have been eating like a rabbit with the occasional cheat here and there.

Right before Christmas I had the 1 hour glucose test around 17 weeks to check for the first time, and I passed with flying colors. I was kind of shocked, but I was happy. I have to go again for 28 weeks, which is only a short four weeks from now to take the 1 hour test over again. I am horrified again. Not that I will have to take my blood sugar 4 times a day again, or exclude even more foods from my diet… but I just don’t want to take the stupid test. The drink is gross, I barely kept it down last time. It is virtually medieval torture.  The three hour test… well I won’t even get into that.

My other fear is the amount of appointments that will increase in the case I do have to go to the Endocrinologist again. With my youngest son, my husband was home from work laid off, so the additional two appointments a month was something that we could manage, and he often came with me, with our oldest son in tow. But two kids, no husband, and 3 appointments a month that will steadily increase in my last trimester as I start to go twice a month to my midwife, and then once a week… I may prematurely lose my sanity.

I can’t wait til I am just not pregnant anymore so I can dig into a giant ice cream sundae, a glass of wine, and one of those huge edible arrangement fruit baskets. That would make Danielle a happy woman…


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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