I Have My First Craving and It’s Not What I Expected

First CravingIn each of my pregnancies, I have always experienced both food aversion and cravings. They’ve been established early on and would help me through the first trimester especially when little could be consumed that wouldn’t have my stomach in revolt and try to get rid of it.

For Speed, my oldest, I drank orange juice like it was going out of style. I had nearly 2 liters every day and while it had not been a huge thing for me before pregnancy, I couldn’t get enough of it then.

For Raru, my middle child, all I wanted was re-fried bean and cheese quesadillas and chocolate milk. I would eat that daily and would be one of the only things that didn’t cause my nausea to flare up.

With Bean, my youngest, I was in love with sour peach candy and it would be the first thing I reached for when the nausea hit. I carried them in my purse, in my pocket and always had some around the house for those in-case moments.

This time around, the nausea and vomiting has hit an all-time high for me. I’ve never experienced it so bad in any pregnancy and there are days where I can’t eat anything except for an electrolyte lemon-lime popsicle. I haven’t found a food or drink that has helped combat the nausea and there’s only been one thing I find I want all the time.

Water. Cold water. And lots of ice.

I’m not sure if it’s my body’s way of trying to keep away the dehydration that’s crept up on me a few times already, but I drink water like a fish. All I know is I drink more water than I can count and of course, that means I have to visit the washroom every 15 minutes. I’ve heard of people craving ice cubes and I should be happy that this craving is void of calories, but I am still on the search for the food or drink that helps the nausea… which water certainly doesn’t.

:: What was your first pregnancy craving? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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