I Have Tattoos, Not Lousy Parenting Skills

The Tattoo My Son Will Get. Obviously.

I’m inked up, not a degenerate. Maybe I’m considered a ‘social deviant’ at times. Maybe. But I’ve had tattoos for years and plan on adding to the design to link them up. (Both are on my back, in line with my spine).

To be honest, I’ve never really thought about whether I am being judged as a mother with tattoos. Or as a less intelligent or responsible person. Or as an inadequate parent. Or as a trashy hoochie-mama. (And so what if I was?) The energy I would have to expend into worrying about such things would be waste of time for me.

And really, when it comes down to other people’s judgment, my cup runneth over. My tattoos pale in comparison to my other debate-worthy characteristics (being of mixed race) and choices (having a non 9-5 career without benefits and insurance). I’m that “sort of someone” and I’m okay with that. I’m not going to lose sleep over what others may or may not think of me.

Although my tats aren’t on display all the time–only to the mister or unless I’m in a bikini, or my hair is up–I’m proud of them. They’re not garish or over-the-top. (Though this could be debatable in certain circles. But, then again, I don’t run in those kinds of circles anyway.) Check them out for yourself!

Here’s an array of beautiful mama’s and their ink, including my own…

  • Me! 1 of 10
    Designed my me, I plan on adding a trail of delicate, wind-swept stars to it, dancing up my spine.
  • Me Again… 2 of 10
    Me Again...
    Chinese symbol for strength. I got this done the week I was told I couldn't get pregnant. My, oh my, how life has changed.
  • Gorgeous 3 of 10
  • Adorable 4 of 10
  • Beautiful 5 of 10
  • Happy 6 of 10
  • Sweet 7 of 10
  • Mom’s Tattoo Parlour 8 of 10
    Mom's Tattoo Parlour
  • Delicate 9 of 10
  • Retro 10 of 10

Am I worried my kid(s) will get tattoos? No. Just as with many other worries we have as parents about what our kids will or won’t do, all we can do is lead by example with love and respect and take the time to have conversations and patience throughout each and every milestone. Besides, my tattoo-leading example is tasteful, unlike some other ways I’ve seen people express themselves.

The other day were were driving to the beach and passed a young lad who had GINORMOUS ear lobe gauges, otherwise known as plugs, or ear stretching. I’m talkin’ flap-in-the-wind reminiscent of Dumbo ears, they touched his collarbone like huge-ass hockey pucks. The manling and I looked at each other and right away wondered aloud, what if our Wyndham did, or wanted to do that? Sheer silence. No answer on that one yet. There are extremes, yes?

Anyway, I hope that if any of my children want to get tattoos they go about it the way I did and make a well-thought out decision based on beauty and art. But as the kid with hockey pucks in his ears demonstrated, their idea of beauty and art may be completely different than my own. Here’s to hoping it’s not skulls, cross-bones and T&A.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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