I Just Can't Decide With Baby No. 5: Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

It has never ever ever crossed my mind to use cloth diapers. I am not going to lie. We are honest here right? Well, I used to be like “Are you crazy?” when someone said they used cloth diapers. Okay, I know, I can be dramatic but seriously, I never would have thought to use cloth diapers. Honestly, I think probably it was the thought of the added laundry. We already have plenty.

Until just recently, my two youngest have had quite a few rashes. We’ve always used Pampers from the get-go and we’ve never really had any crazy problems with disposable diapers but it got me thinking. I wonder if this would happen with cloth diapers? And so now – 4 kids later, here I am asking my husband if maybe we should think about doing cloth diapers this time around. Is it even worth it? We’ve been through 4 kids and have always used disposable so why now? Why would be do anything different with number 5? Please, weigh in below. I mean, we are already pros at this point right? At least that’s what I like to tell myself. But still, I am stuck on this one.

And with that said, I’ve weighed the pros + cons when it comes to cloth vs. disposable. Here is what I’ve come up with or well, what I’ve got in my notes:

  • Cloth diapers would add a ton of laundry to my already piled high piles. It’s so easy to just toss the disposable diapers into the trash.
  • But, throwing them in the trash is oh-so-not-good for the environment.
  • Common sense would think that the disposable diapers would leak less. Resulting in once again, less laundry. I know I am getting a tight fit with Pampers.
  • Disposable diapers take absolutely no effort. Yes, call me lazy but it seems like the easier choice. Correct?
  • I am on-the-go like always. How does the whole traveling with cloth diapers work? I can’t imagine it being fun. Disposables are always easy to throw away.
  • However, disposable are way more expensive when it comes to diapering the booty.
  • I really think babies probably have more diaper rash with disposables vs. cloth. Thoughts?
  • Cloth diapers are all around cheaper from the research I’ve done. Especially when you have more than on child in diapers and well, come October, I will have 3 in diapers.
  • And last, if it was up to style, I’d probably pick the cloth diapers because well – some of them are oh-so-adorable! I know, an adorable diaper? Say-what?!!! But, it’s true.

Take a browse through eight cloth diapers I am ready to stock up on if that is they way I decide to go!

  • Bum Genius 1 of 8
    Bum Genius
    These tuxedo diapers are pretty darn adorable for my first little man.
    Check out Bum Genius
  • Hoot Hoot, Super Cute! 2 of 8
    Hoot Hoot, Super Cute!
    Adorable nappies all the way from Australia. How cute are these owls? I love them!
    Check out Designer Bums
  • Bumkins 3 of 8
    Apparently this is a cloth diaper fave. And I have to agree with this so cute firetruck pattern.
    Check out Bumkins
  • Bright Bunz 4 of 8
    Bright Bunz
    I love this bright colorful print. It's the perfect splash of color and so fun! Yes, diapers can be fun.
    Check out Fuzzibunz
  • So Stinkin’ Cute 5 of 8
    So Stinkin' Cute
    Absolutely in love with this chevron print. I mean right here kinda almost has me on the whole cloth diaper thing!
    Check out gDiapers
  • GroVia 6 of 8
    I love the buttery soft color and I am always smitten over a bicycle print.
    Check out GroVia
  • Handmade 7 of 8
    Yep, I even browsed Etsy and came across these adorable yellow chevron pair. Seriously modern, which I love.
    Check out The Eli Monster
  • Whimsical Owls 8 of 8
    Whimsical Owls
    It's just something about this simple owl fabric that I just love.
    Check out Kissaluvs

So, this is where I need your advice + opinion. Did you use cloth diapers? Or disposable? Tell me why! I need a little nudge with my decision and I would love to hear from all of our lovely readers! For some reason, I just can’t decide.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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