I Miss Being Pregnant

Big Beautiful Belly!

While pregnancy almost sent me and my husband directly to divorce court because of my hormonal mood swings this time around… looking back on the good of my pregnancy I almost miss it. That and the fact that it was my last pregnancy, and it ended earlier than I expected. I almost feel like I was cheated out of the last couple days I had left.

I had always said in the past, if my pregnancies weren’t so damn bumpy, and didn’t end in c-sections I would totally consider being a surrogate mother because I just enjoy the nine months and the fact that growing another human being has to be one of the coolest things anyone can really ever do.

But lets be real… I complained so much while I was pregnant, no one would have ever know how much I really enjoyed all the things that go along with pregnancy that aren’t complain worthy.

I think on another hand I am also mourning the fact that I am done having children. We won’t be having anymore kids, no more pregnancy, or birth… no more ultrasounds or cute baby shopping for brand new newborn stuff for our baby… And at almost 26 years old, I feel like it is something I am not really ready to give up.

I know it sounds incredibly silly, and for those who have trouble getting pregnant, or suffer from infertility, it probably sounds incredibly selfish also. I just feel like it is closing a chapter in my life, a big chapter… a chapter in the book of being a woman in general because fertility, and having children is such a big chapter in that book. Heck looking at my grandmother… she had 14 pregnancies total, resulting in 10 live births, and 9 children who are still with us today.

I have told everyone if I had the patience, and finances of the Duggar family… that would be us. My husband probably wouldn’t mind either. He loves kids, just doesn’t love the price of having them.  Isn’t that how most of us are?

How did you feel when you came to terms that you wouldn’t be having anymore children?
Was it something that was emotionally upsetting for you, or was it a happy time in your life that you were able to celebrate?

I would love to hear how other women handled this, especially younger women like myself!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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