I Never Felt Better Then When Pregnant

Me at 36 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is an experience I am SO thankful I was able to have. One I hope to have again and an experience I will forever miss when we are done adding to our family.  I loved near every second of it and never felt more alive – more beautiful.

Since I am saying this you might assume that I had easy and hassle-free pregnancies, but I didn’t. Each one I had different challenges and different issues that complicated things, but still – I never felt better then when I was pregnant.

I had pregnancies on strict bed rest, heartburn for the first time ever, morning sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum. I had a sciatic nerve that was pinched, was so tired I couldn’t move and anxieties over losing the pregnancy.  I suffered through 15 kidney stones, had to inject myself in the stomach with a needle daily because of a clotting disorder.

BUT – I never felt better. Continue reading to find out why:

I have always said, and probably always will say, if I could live life 8 months pregnant I would. It’s not just the pregnancy I love so much – I love the newborn stage, the toddler stage and so far the kid stage. I love large families and how there is always someone around.  Pregnancy though, there is something special about it.

I love the round belly. I love that once I really started showing, I never had to suck in my stomach. I was able to accentuate my round figure and feel beautiful about it.

I felt sexy. My hair was shiny, my nails were strong and I had a pregnancy glow that seemed to make my skin sparkle.

Anticipating labor was exciting, having people smile at you as you walked by, the feeling of a growing, moving and kicking baby was just incredible. I love that feeling – that special bond between someone I had not seen face to face yet.

I would love to have these feeling again, just one more time.

:: What did you/do you love about being pregnant?  What will you miss? ::


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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