I Picked Up Diapers This Weekend and I Think We’re Set

nestingI have about 10 weeks left of my pregnancy, which to me is crazy! Despite all the harder parts of gestating — from the worries about the baby to my kidney and all the troubles with eating— I love being pregnant. I really, really do. And,  I am nearly-sure this will be the last time I am pregnant (never say never, because I would love to have more) so I want to soak it all in.

Ten weeks sounds like a long time, but seeing as I still very vividly remember my shaky hands holding that positive pregnancy test, I know that before I realize it — baby boy will be here in my arms.

This past week I have had that urge to make sure the needed items are in house. I am still waiting for the itch to put all the things together, but it’s all here. The last thing I needed for him some diapers and this weekend I picked up a few packs, so we’re officially ready.

It sounds a little bit crazy writing that because there is still time left, but I swear most days I think it’s still the beginning of summer and with three kids and a birthday party to plan (for my older son who will turn 8 years old a few days after this baby is born), I don’t want to miss anything important, so we’re getting it done now. Yes, it’s probably a bit early.

:: How soon did you get all the stuff ready for your baby? Share in the comments! ::

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness | Instagram


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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