I Think I Finally Have This Food Thing Figured Out

morning sicknessFood and I haven’t been getting along this pregnancy. From the very start of morning sickness at 5 weeks pregnant and that continue (all day though) well into the second trimester, eating and food has not been my friend. Adding in complications of vomiting due to pain, I have had a struggle making sure there is food in my stomach. I have found that always having some food in my stomach, never allowing it to get empty is the best bet for stopping the queasiness and vomiting, but that has sounded simpler than it’s been for me to achieve.

Two big symptoms of pregnancy for me — not including morning sickness — has been a strong sense of smell and super food aversions. I don’t know why  my nose goes into super-strong smell mode, but because of it I have a hard time eating or being around foods or beverages (or even people) that have a strong odor to it. It’s been the reason I can’t have coffee and a big contributor to both the nausea and vomiting, and food aversions.

We often hear a lot about cravings during pregnancy, but for me it’s been quite the opposite.  I don’t crave food but I seem to hate a whole entire food group — meats! I am already on a gluten and dairy free diet due to celiac disease and casein intolerance so cutting out meat has been good in that I can keep food down, but harder to have a more balanced meal.

However, avoiding meats all together has done wonders for my morning sickness and appetite. I tried for so long to eat meat for a balanced meal thing, but it never ended well. Finally, I decided that it was more important to keep food in verses having a perfectly balanced normal meal and it’s done amazing things for me.

I grew up vegetarian so it’s kind of like going back to my roots. I have been eating bucket loads of vegetables and fruits and water and tea and I just feel like a million times better. I am finally starting to feel that second trimester energy boost that I’ve had in the past and so many rave about. And I am thankful!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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