I think I Sprained My Vagina! Is That Even Possible?

Holy. Crap. I am in some serious pain. Before you get excited, no… not labor pains, although the pain might just be comparable. I’m literally icing my lady bits right now. Are you curious to know what happened? I promise it’s not gross.

So, yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Nashville. I had wanted to take Joleen on a long walk, but when I went to get her stroller out of my car, I realized I had left it in my husband’s car. Ugh. Not wanting to waste the warm day away inside, I decided to just play with her in our yard.

Everything was dandy. I pushed Joleen in her swing for awhile, we explored the yard and all the new flowers that have popped up, we threw the ball a few times for our basset hound, and eventually we made our way to the front yard.

One minute Joleen and I were examining a stick on the ground, and the next she was making a bee-line towards the street! Who knew the girl could run so fast!?!

Still crouching on the ground with the stupid stick in my hand, my seven-month pregnant self jumped up and bolted after her. I haven’t ran that fast in ages. Thankfully, I caught her right before she made it to the street, but not without consequence… she was fine. I was not.

I think I sprained my vagina. Is that even possible? I can barely walk today. The only way I can describe the pain to my husband is that it feels like a twisted ankle, but in my lady area. He of course thinks it’s hilarious that I’m icing my vajayjay right now, and is taking pictures of me to post on our family blog.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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