Identical Twins in Utero: Pictures and Predictions

Our identical boys at 17 weeks. Baby B is the bottom, A is the top.

This is how our boys look together. Isn’t it amazing? Seeing it happen live is even more so. They are mono-di, which means they are in different sacs but share the same placenta. You can hardly tell anything separates them however – the line between them is so thin and pliable.

I asked our tech to give me a printout, and was glad I did. In just a short while they’ll be too big to ever get together – unless maybe the 4D ones they switch to later might do it?

This was taken at our 17 week ultrasound. We got to see them move and bump into each other. This picture has Baby B at the bottom turned away from the wand while Baby A crashed his tiny head into his side.

They can feel each other and respond to stimuli now. My bladder had to be full initially, but this made them both go crazy so finally I had to – um – you know – so that they would calm down. And they instantly did. They also had a bit more room. 🙂

They would smack each other and themselves in the head, B’s foot and leg were always with A, never leaving him be for a clear shot. If it’s any indication of what’s to come, B will be a fiesty one while A is more mellow – but who knows. All I’m asking in regards to personality at first is that they both adore sleeping. A lot. Like their Mama.

I can wish, right?

If you have twins, identical or fraternal, I’d love to hear your ultrasound stories. And whether or not your guesses about their temperaments proved true down the road.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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