If It’s Not Nausea, It’s Heartburn During This Pregnancy

pregnancyI have never had heartburn before during pregnancy or when I’m not pregnant. Well, okay — I had it once for like 20 minutes back when I was in grade 10 of high school, but never before and never since.  I made it through 3 full-term pregnancies with no idea of what others meant when they said they were dealing with heartburn. I have had no troubles eating anything I wanted — spicy or otherwise without meeting this burn.

Until now.

There’s been no secret that I’ve had a lot of trouble with food during this pregnancy. It’s been similar in the past, but this time it just seems so much more amped up with food aversions and nausea. I haven’t had a lot of success keeping food in and tend to stick to foods that have been kind to my appetite — like fruits, vegetables, and avoiding all meat. It was working really well for a while there and finally I was beginning to feel like I could like food again.

This past week a new symptom has crept into my food life — yep, heartburn. Like I said, I’ve never really had it before and yet here it is — raging! It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat, if I eat, what I drink, or how much I drink — it’s there. Water gives me heartburn. I have it when I sit up or lay down. I have it when I eat dairy or spicy foods. I admit, I didn’t understand when fellow pregnant women would complain about heartburn, but I am getting a very quick and uncomfortable lesson.

Because now I get it and OH MER GER. It’s making my nausea and vomiting a lot more frequent and making the difficult task of eating even more so. I now get it people, and I am sorry I didn’t take it more seriously when it affected you because this stuff…no thank you!

Have it too? You may want to read 7 Tips to Relieve Heartburn During Pregnancy — I’m going to try each and every tip because I’m over it already (and it’s been like a week).

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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