What Pregnancy Would Look Like If Men Became Pregnant

Being pregnant is hard work and that’s not even considering the upcoming labor and birth added on. There were (few) times that I wondered (and wished) that my husband could take over and be pregnant instead. Honestly, I wouldn’t want it that way because all I can think about is all the things I would miss out on — the baby kicks, watching my body grow, the hormones that fuse me to a new person. I really don’t care to give that over to anyone.

Then I started wondering, aside from the things I would miss, how would pregnancy look if the men became pregnant? Then I got scared, and thankful that I don’t have to be the one supporting my husband through pregnancy, labor and birth. While I think there would be some improvements if men became pregnant instead, overall I think it’s the way it should be — women can handle it better.

Click through to see how things would be different if men were the ones that became pregnant:

  • Birth Control Would Be 100% Effective 1 of 8
    Birth Control Would Be 100% Effective
    Not that men would be better at following the directions and counter any pregnancies that are due to misuse, but there would be stronger developed birth control options, like 100% ones!
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  • Less Sex Would Be Happening 2 of 8
    Less Sex Would Be Happening
    Right now men worry about getting a lady pregnant. If he's not in a serious relationship with someone, he may think harder before going to bed with her, since he would be the one ending up pregnant.
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  • Many More Single-Child Families 3 of 8
    Many More Single-Child Families
    After getting through pregnancy and labor once, men will not be so antsy to do it all over again. We would see a lot more single child families because of that fear.
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  • Morning Sickness Would Be A Disability 4 of 8
    Morning Sickness Would Be A Disability
    Oh how people down-play the seriousness of the 'morning sickness'. If a man was pregnant, all he would have to do is utter those two words and he's off work and other duties until he feels better.
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  • Breastfeeding Wouldn’t Be Taboo 5 of 8
    Breastfeeding Wouldn't Be Taboo
    Men already love to brag about their size. Imagine how much bragging there would be about the change in their breasts?
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  • Work Conditions Would Be Better 6 of 8
    Work Conditions Would Be Better
    If men were pregnant and had the hormones to go with it, going back to work 3 months after the baby is born, they would be bringing their child to work with them. Work places would be more child-friendly.
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  • We’d Hear About It Every Day 7 of 8
    We'd Hear About It Every Day
    Oh, years later we would still be hearing about that one time he threw up his breakfast or how painful labor was. Unlike women who seem to forget it easier, we would hear it forever with the guys.
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  • Two Words: Man Cold 8 of 8
    Two Words: Man Cold
    You know what I'm talking about. Your partner has a cold and it's like he's a five year old again. Needy, clingy, whiny -- imagine 9+ months with that?!
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:: What do you think? Would you prefer Men to carry the babies? ::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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