I'm a Swollen Mess

As much as I thought that this pregnancy and my first are similar, I’m starting to think more and more that they are completely different. I’ve mentioned many times that this pregnancy has not been very nice to me. As it begins to wind down (I’m 31 weeks,) more and more pregnancy symptoms seem to be popping up out of no where.

The varicose veins that showed up on my right leg during my second trimester now look even more prominent because they have been enlarged by the incredible amount of swelling that has occurred in my legs. I didn’t realize how swollen my legs were until I put on a pair of socks the other day and had to take them off because they felt like they were cutting off the circulation in my calf they were so tight. Instead of taking them off to get another pair, I just sat there and cried like a pregnant pathetic mess. That’s when it hit me. These next weeks until the birth of my baby girl are going to be rough! 

If it were the dead of summer, I wouldn’t have a problem with having swollen feet or legs (ok maybe I’d have a little bit of a problem.)  I’d just put on a pair of shorts and slide into some flip flops and wear that for the next 9 weeks. But unfortunately it’s the middle of winter here in NYC and wearing shorts and flip flops definitely isn’t an option. I usually wear flats, which don’t seem to be uncomfortable quite yet.  They don’t look as flattering as they did before, but they work.  As the temperature starts to drop, my flats aren’t keeping my feet warm, so I’ve switched over to boots.

I got a quick reality of just how swollen my legs were yesterday when I went to zip my boots up and it took me five minutes to get the zipper up on my right foot and calf.  Cue more tears and a little bit of a breakdown as I let my emotions get the best of me.

I’ve never realized just how much all of these changes in my body would have an effect on me. Not only are the side effects physically painful at times, but it’s taking an emotional toll on me too.  I hate looking at my body, because I don’t see what I did with my first pregnancy (when I felt glamourous all the time.)

I’m trying to do all that I can to keep the swelling down.  I’ve been elevating my feet, trying not to stand too long, and even wearing compression tights, but nothing seems to work.  My next step is to take an epsom salt bath every night.  Not only will it be calm and relaxing (which will hopefully be some relief for these crazy emotions,) but it will also help with the aches, pains, and swelling.

How did you relieve swelling in the late part of your pregnancy?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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