I’m Afraid of Doing Something Wrong and Decreasing My Chance of a Healthy Pregnancy

I'm Afraid of Doing Something Wrong to Decrease My Chance of a Healthy PregnancyI’m going to preface this post by saying that what I am about to mention is not a constant worry, but it is a part of trying to conceive. I don’t want you thinking I am rocking myself in a corner, depressed, and not living my life because that’s far from true.

Trying to conceive and my past pregnancies have not been easy for me and I’ve got the addition hurdle of infertility this time. It’s a struggle and I wish it were easier, but the truth is we know deep within that our family is not complete and so we’re doing what we can to add another baby to the mix.

I am stressed at times. There is anxiety and fear that creeps in and I know that I am not the only one who deals with it.

When it comes to infertility, there is a lot of blame and guilt that can be felt. It’s certainly of no doing from my partner, who is amazing, but there are times where I feel it from myself. I don’t ovulate right now without the help of medication — we don’t know why — it’s not been an issue before, but there are times where I feel like my body is failing me, again.

So, in an attempt to make this getting pregnat things go as smoothly as possible, I try to make sure I do “everything right.” I make sure I don’t have alcohol, I don’t forget to take my temperature, I’m sure to take my low-dose aspirin and my prenatal vitamin. I limit caffeine, I don’t change the kitty litter box, and I try to listen to my body when I am tired.

Those are all pretty good rules in general, but there are times where I worry that if I don’t do everything just right, that things will not turn out just right during the cycle. With many things out of my control, the timeline that I wished for, the age space between my kids, my attitude towards trying to conceive… sometimes a little too much.

:: Did you or do you have any fears while you’re trying to conceive? ::

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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