I’m Almost Due and Have No Baby Name

name tag“So have you picked out a name yet?”

This is the question I’m now fielding most frequently from friends and acquaintances.  Actually, that’s not accurate. Now that I have less than three weeks to go the question sounds more like, “So you’ve picked a name out by now, right??”

Ummmmmmm. Weeellllllllll.

See, the thing is, I find naming boys to be really challenging. The names just aren’t as pretty as girl names and a lot of the nicknames for boy names just suck. My husband picked our first son’s name because I had no decent submissions and he had a name that I liked and he *loved.* But now we’re kind of tapped out.

I’m really trying to avoid making a decision about the name in the postpartum recovery room. I know some people wait to meet the baby and then decide what to call him…but I’m so delirious and hormonal after childbirth that I would probably name him “turkey sub” and fall asleep.

I also don’t want to leave the hospital without naming him because that would just be a pain in the rear. I do know of one blogger who changed her baby’s name six weeks after birth. She handled it with class but I’m sure I’d have a nervous breakdown. So by the process of elimination that means we need to pick a name in the next two weeks. Start the timer!

How late is too late to decide on a baby’s name?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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