I’m Experiencing a Little Thing Called “Second Pregnancy Syndrome”

Image Source: Heather Neal
Image Source: Heather Neal

Before I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I heard rumors from other women that subsequent pregnancies were completely different than the first time around in that they garnered significantly less of your own attention.

I chose not to believe them.

Every pregnancy is special. Of course you’d care as much about a second or third or fourth and pay just as much attention to every detail — even if you’d been there, done that. Besides, every pregnancy is different, so it’s not like it’s a repeat of the same thing.

And then I became pregnant for the second time and 21 weeks (or was it more?) went by before I got around to officially sharing the news. I guess those more experienced moms were on to something after all.

It’s not that a repeat pregnancy is less special as a whole, it just takes a little bit of a backseat to the rest of life known as motherhood. Turns out there is something to be said about having been through it before. You have more confidence, less worry, and a lot more knowledge.

I like to call this subsequent pregnancy phenomenon “second pregnancy syndrome.” (Feel free to sub “second” for whatever number you’re on — I’m sure it only becomes more and more applicable.)

Instead of knowing exactly what week to the day I’m on and exactly what fruit or vegetable baby is resembling at any given time, these are the thoughts my brain entertains:

Man the dryer must have shrunk my clothes. Oh no, I’m just pregnant.

Wow do I need to get to the gym, I’m out of breath just walking up the stairs. Oh I forgot, I’m pregnant.

Jeez, I need to stretch more, I can barely reach my feet to paint my toenails. Nope, that’s just a pregnant belly in my way.

I must be coming down with the flu, I feel just awful this morning. Just kidding, that’s morning sickness. Again.

What do you mean I have a doctor’s appointment? I just had one last week. Oh, that was last month already.

Silent thought to my husband: gee, thanks for offering to get me a beer, too. Whoops, that’s right, I shouldn’t be drinking one anyways. (Good thing I managed to keep that thought to myself.)

Whoops, I guess I shouldn’t have eaten that deli sandwich …

Toddler: “Hey mommy, when’s the baby coming out?”

Me: “What baby? Oh, right!”

Needless to say, things have a way of getting away from you the second time around.

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