I’m Having a C-section After 3 Natural Births

c-sectionWhen I had planned out my perfect last birth, I had this idea that all the troubles of past pregnancies weren’t going to come into play and I would have the magical birth I have always wanted.

Clearly that was a fantasy, since I am high-risk from the start due to my past miscarriages plus a blood clotting disorder. Things weren’t going to be simple and “perfect” for me no matter how I looked at it. That doesn’t mean I don’t have choices and can’t make the best of my less-than-ideal situation, though.

I only went naturally into labor once — my first full-term pregnancy and labor went okay until baby started showing troubles with heart-rate and it was a “get him out now” situation that was too-far gone for a c-section, so I had what my doctor called a “surgical vaginal birth” that included an episiotomy and a whole lot of stitches after.  It was a difficult, hard recovery that took a second surgery to make things happier (read, less painful) down below after my third child was born.

For my second and third labors with my girls, I was induced early at 38 weeks, both for different reasons (they thought I had a stroke during my second pregnancy & my third I was on blood thinner injections and needed to be safely off the meds to give birth but couldn’t be off the meds for too long.) And while they were very medical, there was no doctor present for either of their births (they were assisted by the nurse.) It took 15 hours for the second and 5 hours for the third. That means, I had no episiotomy and while I naturally tore, the recovery was so much easier.

This time, I had anticipated things to go as my last birth went. I am on blood thinners again so I knew that I would need to be induced early, but during the 20 week ultrasound when we discovered there was an issue with the umbilical cord, that complicated things a little more.

Baby S is healthy for now and I anticipate things will go smoothly from here out, but it’s all changed plans for delivery and after a lot of careful consideration, we have my first c-section scheduled after having 3 vaginal births. In my particular situation it makes sense, it won’t re-traumatize the sensitive lady area after a very successful surgery to repair the damage done after my first birth that left a lot of pain, we can better manage the time being off the blood thinner injection so I can safely deliver and safely get back on the meds after 6 hours to ensure I am not in danger. Having to do a hard and fast induction (so the baby can be delivered before the time I have to go back on blood thinners) with the umbilical cord issue is a little risky.

So, a c-section will happen at about 38 weeks, around the time I had to be induced for my daughters. I know it’s not ideal and didn’t fit into my first idea of the “perfect birth”, but I am okay with it. I feel like it’s the best decision for my personal situation and it makes sense. It’s still a little scary for me because I’ve not been through it before. I knew what to expect from pregnancy and labor and delivery, yet this one has been a whole lot different, and it’s taken me by surprise.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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