I'm Measuring Big – Does That Mean I'll Have a Big Baby?

Yesterday at my 34 week appointment with my doctor, she mentioned that I was measuring at 35 weeks.  It didn’t really come as a surprise to me though because not only have I been feeling extra large lately but predictions from friends and family were that we were having a big boy.  My husband comes from a family of big babies so I’d gotten it into my head that our little man was bound to be big.  But does measuring big always mean that you’ll have a big baby?

My entire pregnancy I’ve been told by ultrasound and my doctor feeling my belly that our little man was big.  At the 13 week ultrasound, my due date was pushed up 8 days from the original date based off my LMP and at the 20 week ultrasound the technician exclaimed, “your baby sure has long legs and big feet!”.  Then two weeks ago my doctor felt around on my belly and mentioned that even though it was all a guesstimate at this stage, that he did feel a little big.

The baby’s growth is measured by the distance from your public bone to the top of the uterus and should be around the same size in centimeters as the number of weeks pregnant you are.  A number of things are possible explanations as to why I might be measuring large but from what I’ve read, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll have a big baby.  With the all the information floating around about big babies and intended vaginal deliveries that lead to interventions, I have to say that sometimes I feel like the medical community is prepping us for the possibility of a c-section.

Big baby or not, I doubt my doctor takes into consideration that little layer of chub I had over my belly pre-baby.  I’m sure that adds a few centimeters!   Besides, I know it’s entirely possible to give birth vaginally to a big baby, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts.  If you’re pregnant and measuring big, what does your doctor or midwife say about it?

Also, here are some thoughts on measuring small.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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