I'm Not Buddha. Rubbing My Belly Will Not Bring You Good Luck

Chances are, if you’ve been pregnant with a significantly round baby belly – it’s happened to you.

A stranger touches your belly.

While I may have a Buddha like belly, I am not Buddha. Rubbing my belly will not bring you good luck, wealth, or prosperity. Next time I may just return the favor, and start rubbing the other person’s belly.

I seriously thought my friends were joking around with the stories of strangers approaching the baby belly, but can tell you – it happens! I’ve had an old lady in a grocery story give me a 2-hand rub. I’ve had a few sweet innocent friends of my kids touch and kiss my belly. ┬áIt’s one thing if someone asks, but really, if I don’t know you – stay away!

My General Rules for Belly Rubs and/or Touches:

1. If I DON’T know you, don’t even think about it.

2. If I DO know you well, and it’s a loving pat and doesn’t include the words “gee your HUGE”, go ahead.

3. If you are a child, I understand the fascination. And grace I give you, as long as you are gentle and don’t try to knock on it like it’s a door.

4. If you are my kids or husband, give the belly as much love as you’d like.

What Are Your Rules For Belly Rubs?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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