I'm Now a Mom of 2!

I am so happy to announce that on Sunday morning, March 4, I welcomed my second daughter into this world! Avery Rose was born at 11:09am here in New York City.

After what felt like a pregnancy that just wouldn’t end, I was so happy that labor and delivery were easier than I ever could have imagined (You can read my full birth story here.) My first labor and delivery were relatively easy and my doctor told me never to tell anyone about it because it was unlikely that I would ever experience it again. He was incorrect because this labor was easier than before.

I began having contractions around 4:30am on Sunday morning and arrived at the hospital around 8:30. A couple of hours later, my daughter, Avery, was born.

Throughout this entire pregnancy my husband and I have gone back and forth on finding the perfect name for this little girl. Because my first, Harlan, was named after my mother-in-law, I knew I wanted to continue the family name tradition. We had a few names in mind, but didn’t decide on the final until just recently. I was so happy to be able to reveal her name, Avery Rose, when we welcomed her into the world on Sunday. Avery is named after my grandfather, who I never had the chance to meet, and Rose is named after my husbands grandmother.

I took a lot of pictures while at the hospital. I wanted to document this journey as much as I could. Because I shared a room with another new mom, my husband couldn’t stay with me overnight and could only come during visiting hours. This left a lot of time for Avery and I to get some one on one time.

Check out my hospital journey of labor and delivery in pictures!

  • Ready to have this baby! 1 of 15
    Ready to have this baby!
    After my epidural I am feeling good and very ready to welcome my little girl into the world.
  • She’s here! 2 of 15
    She's here!
    Avery Rose was born at 11:09am on Sunday morning!
  • My little love. 3 of 15
    My little love.
    Although I carried her for two more weeks than her sister, Avery weighed only 6 pounds 3 ounces, which was 6 ounces less than my first.
  • First time holding her. 4 of 15
    First time holding her.
    There is no greater feeling than holding this little person you just carried inside of you for nine months, now in your arms.
  • Mom and daughter 5 of 15
    Mom and daughter
    She is just perfect in every way and I love every minute I get to hold her and spend with her.
  • Our labor and delivery room! 6 of 15
    Our labor and delivery room!
    Getting ready to go up to our room. This is outside of the labor and delivery room.
  • Big Sis meets Little Sis 7 of 15
    Big Sis meets Little Sis
    My first daughter, Harlan, meeting Avery for the first time. Harlan was so overwhelmed with love and joy for her "baby sister." All she wanted to do was take care of her and kiss her. Such an amazing big sister already.
  • Opening her big sister gifts. 8 of 15
    Opening her big sister gifts.
    Harlan received a lot of gifts from her baby sister. We tried to make the transition as easy as possible and the presents definitely helped alleviate any nerves or tension.
  • Our family of four! 9 of 15
    Our family of four!
    This is our first family photo. I love the way Harlan looks in the picture. She could not have been happier to have her baby sister here.
  • Big Sis 10 of 15
    Big Sis
    Harlan could not get the smile off her face. She had a little trouble leaving us that night because she just wanted to stay with her mommy and Avery.
  • Swaddled up 11 of 15
    Swaddled up
    She loves being swaddled tight when she sleeps.
  • She’s got hair! 12 of 15
    She's got hair!
    Unlike Harlan, Avery was born with hair and it is much darker than we expected. Hoping it doesn't fall out and keeps growing!
  • I’m a girl! 13 of 15
    I'm a girl!
    Nothing like a shot of the traditional index card that they put on the baby's bassinet.
  • Flower girl 14 of 15
    Flower girl
    This hat was worn by Harlan as well and I love that I can capture the same moment as when Harlan was that age.
  • Heading Home! 15 of 15
    Heading Home!
    After two long days in the hospital, we are finally headed home and ready to start our life as a family of four! Avery was dressed in the same going home outfit as Harlan.

We took Avery Rose home yesterday and are slowly adjusting to life as a family of four. My two year old has been great during the transition, with only a few expected tantrums. I am doing my best to spend all the time with her that I can to show that I still love her just as much as I did before, if not even more.

I love that I can now say that I am a mom of two precious girls.

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