I’m Pregnant and Finally Have Something to Show For It

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is being able to show off my belly.  I think that baby bumps are one of the most beautiful things on a woman and something to be celebrated.  For the past 19 weeks I’ve had nothing but horrible morning sickness and have had nothing to show for it.

The worst part of being sick in the city with no visible bump is on the subway and bus.  There are signs everywhere to give up your seats for the elderly and pregnant, but no matter how sick or upset I felt, no one would get up for me.  Why would they?  Although I was feeling the effects of pregnancy, there was no physical signs showing I was pregnant.

Last week I went to my OB for my 18 week check up. The baby looked great and had a strong healthy heartbeat.  The thing I dread most about going to the doctor is stepping on the scale.  As I stepped on last week I learned I had only gained  5 pounds.  My doctor didn’t seem too concerned, but thoughts kept racing through my mind that the baby wasn’t getting enough nutrients because I have been so sick and not eating as much as I should.

She reassured me that everything was fine and the baby looked healthy.  I also expressed concern over not having any physical bump showing yet.  She laughed at me and told me I will be eating those words come five months from now when my belly will be the size of a pumpkin.

The morning after my appointment I was getting dressed and noticed the pants I wore just last week weren’t buttoning.  I looked in the mirror to notice that somehow overnight a baby bump had appeared.  I had finally popped!

“Popping” is yet another joy of pregnancy that I had forgotten since my first.  In many ways it feels like I am experiencing it for the first time, and couldn’t be more excited.

When did your belly “pop?”



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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