I’m Pregnant and Hangry

I used to love food, sigh.

I’m in a constant state of knowing I want to eat very badly, although I’m not sure exactly what I’m hungry for. It’s an intense and urgent desire than needs to be filled very quickly, or things will end badly for all people involved.

I’m pregnant, and I’m hangry.

So hungry I’m angry. Rawr.

I’m just over half way in this pregnancy, and it’s mostly consist of me wanting to eat, because I’m hungry, although nothing in particular sounds good. In fact, everything sounds just “meh”.

It’s a weird physical state to constantly be in, this place of needing and wanting nourishment, but not wanting to eat anything specific. Having a craving to eat, but not desiring anything. I’ve seriously wondered if my taste buds might be broken.

And the whole process of preparing this unknown food object? Don’ even get me started. I hate being in the kitchen right now. Today my husband and I went grocery shopping to stock up for the week, and he kept talking about how we’re living in the “culinary dark days”. While I hated him for saying it, I admit I unfortunately agree with him.

Toast for breakfast. Cereal for lunch. Frozen pizza for dinner. Sorry kids, we’re living in the dark days.

Will it get better? I hope it does. Food has always been a real source of enjoyment for me. Hangry. It’s a temporary state of mind. Right?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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