I'm Pregnant and Still Carry My Toddler

Living in New York City without a car requires a lot of walking and use of public transportation. I don’t mind it and would much rather walk or use the train or bus than drive anywhere. Since I haven’t made it to the gym much this pregnancy because of my morning sickness, I have been walking as much as I can to help me stay more active.

Most of the time I put my daughter in the stroller as we make our way around the city, but there are those times that we need to ride the bus that using a stroller is much more of a hassle (because you have to fold it to get on the bus,) than it is a convenience.

Recently, as my belly continues to get larger, I’ve noticed many onlookers as I tote my two year old daughter around. She’s old enough to hold my hand and walk on the sidewalk, but there are moments that we are in a hurry or she just isn’t cooperating that I pick her up and carry her to where we need to go.

It’s put a little bit of strain on my back, but she is light enough that it really doesn’t bother me. I asked my doctor about it at my last prenatal visit because I was afraid all of the lifting was going to send me into early labor, but she assured me that while it might continue to hurt my back, it shouldn’t have any effect on when I go into labor.

Apparently no one else thinks that with the looks and comments I’ve been getting around the streets of the city. I was carrying my daughter the other day as we made our way to the bus stop and a woman approached me and my daughter. She looks at my (two year old) daughter and tells her she needs to “stop relying on mommy to get around. Stand up on your feet and walk a little.” I was outraged at the comment. Especially because it wasn’t my daughter’s choice to be held that day. We were running late for school and needed to get to the bus stop before we missed the bus. I’ve seen others whisper to their friends as I walk by them holding my daughter. I’ve been tempted so many times to stop and tell them I am fine and wouldn’t be doing it if it truly hurt me or my baby.

Although it’s not the best thing for me, I figure I have only weeks left before I welcome another little girl into the world and have to split my time between the two. Why can’t I take this time and spoil and love on the little girl I have right now? Especially before she realizes that the attention won’t always be on her.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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