I'm So Hot! 10 Fun Ways to Cool Off!

That’s why I decided to put this picture here.  To show you all just how hot I really am. 🙂

LOL, I am just kidding.  I think I look cute in that picture (that’s me, tonight, at almost 24 weeks and finally looking really pregnant), but that is not what I’m talking about.  Really, I’m talking about the tendency of pregnant women to be hot (temperature-wise).

I remember in my first pregnancy, I was due in January.  Cold weather then, at least where I live.  We turned the heat way down, and I slept on top of the covers wearing…um, not much…because I was so hot.  My husband (normally pretty hot himself) was huddled under the covers in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, freezing.  I was that hot.

But you know, this led me to think of some rather amusing things….

Pregnant women have some pretty unique scenarios.  And, as you may know, can be a bit…crazy from time to time.  So I thought I’d share some funny ideas on ways to cool down!

1) Wear as little clothing as (appropriately) possible

Okay, so I sleep in my underwear.  Big deal.  During the day I wear shorts and tank tops.  I’m not brave enough to wear just a bikini top with shorts or even just the bikini itself…even in my own backyard.  Maybe some of you are, who knows!  Some of my friends swore they’d wear nothing but muumuus all summer long.  Less, and comfortable clothing (think natural, breathable fibers though, for real) will help you cool down.

2) Eat lots of ice cream

Like you need another reason to eat ice cream, right?  But now you have one.  You’re required to, because you want to eat plenty of fat, indulge in a yummy treat, and it helps you cool down.

3) Get in the kiddie pool…or run through a sprinkler!

I know it’s technically set up for your kids…or even your neighbor’s kids (ahem), but when you’re that hot, you might just need to get in.  Recline in that pool and you’ll get a bonus of resting your back and feeling less stressed and sore.

4) Sit in front of the fan or a/c

I don’t care if it’s April, if it’s going to be 80 degrees, I need my a/c!  Especially at night.  I’ve been known to stand in front of a fan or portable a/c unit and just let it blow on me until I eventually feel chilled.  You might look strange if you try this, but who cares?  Right?

5) Jump your partner

Okay, maybe that’s kind of the opposite of cooling off…ha.  But maybe after you’ll feel better!  And cooler in comparison. 🙂

6) Take a cold shower

If you can’t or don’t want to take that last suggestion (ha), maybe taking a cold shower is a good idea.  It’ll cool you off for sure!

7) Run ice along your face or arms

Sometimes there’s not a lot you can do.  You’re in public so pools, less clothing, cold showers, and so forth are just not an option.  Instead, you can get an ice cube and run it along your arms or across your face.  A cool washcloth could work too, but may not be as readily available and will probably warm up too quickly to be much use.

8) Sip hot beverages

Sound counter-intuitive?  It’s not.  People in hot cultures often do this, because of the way the body works.  If you’re already warm, and you drink a hot liquid — your body will react by trying to cool itself, in order to maintain the proper temperature.  You may just feel cooler after!  (Try some herbal tea to avoid too much caffeine.)

9) Stare at your cankles

Okay, maybe that’s not going to cool you off.  But it sure will give you motivation to find a way!

10) Stay hydrated

I know that’s a boring finish.  But it is really important.  Try running your favorite juice or herbal tea through an ice cream maker and drinking the resulting slush!  We like to do this with strawberry lemonade.

How do you stay cool when you’re hot?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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