20 Inappropriate Yet Totally Funny Baby Onesies

There are some times in life where it’s totally appropriate to have an inappropriate sense of humor. It’s not too often we get away with it — but when your kids are too young to talk back, that’s the time to get your laugh on.

Back forever ago (ok, three years ::sniff) when I was having babies, I had no idea that Etsy existed or Zazzle and was therefore not privy to finding truly funny clothes for them. I was stuck with the pastel colors and cutesy sayings.

That’s not the case anymore and if we do have another baby — I will take advantage of the fact that I can dress them how I want, inappropriate or not and save the photo proof for when they are older.

Click to view the collection of hilariously inappropriate onesies:

  • BILF 1 of 20
    Baby I'd Like to Feed. That's not what I thought the 'F' stood for.
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  • LMDO 2 of 20
    Laugh My Diaper Off. Another weird but funny play on a common abbreviation.
    Purchase yours on: Jilly Bean Green
  • My Dad Can Kick Your … 3 of 20
    My Dad Can Kick Your ...
    ... Dad's Ass! Totally not appropriate for a baby... but funny!
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  • Poop 4 of 20
    I put that sh!t on everything. So totally true.
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  • Chicks 5 of 20
    Are All Over Me. Funny and well, true.
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  • I Tore Mom 6 of 20
    I Tore Mom
    ... A New One. Yes you did (not so) little one.
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • Hung 7 of 20
    ... Like a 5 Year Old. Boys are obsessed early...
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • Diaper Mileage 8 of 20
    Diaper Mileage
    True most of the time.
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • Support the Right 9 of 20
    Support the Right
    To Bear Arms. Probably not what they were thinking.
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • iTwins 10 of 20
    iPood & iPuke. That's pretty much all newborns do.
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • I’m Too Sexy 11 of 20
    I'm Too Sexy
    ... for my onesie. Babies are not ... sexy.
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  • He Thinks 12 of 20
    He Thinks
    He's My Dad. Yep, inappropriate but SO funny!
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • I’m What Happened 13 of 20
    I'm What Happened
    In Vegas. Guess it didn't stay there.
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • I’m Sexy 14 of 20
    I'm Sexy
    and I know it. Guessing this one is from the song.
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  • Total Proof 15 of 20
    Total Proof
    I'm Proof My Dad Doesn't Shoot Blanks. yes -- and your mom's not a virgin.
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • Pacifier 16 of 20
    One for Baby & one for Daddy
    Purchase yours on: Amazon
  • I Love 17 of 20
    I Love
    boobies. Who doesn't though.
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  • Change Me 18 of 20
    Change Me
    Change My Diaper Biaatch! Baby's demanding already.
    Purchase yours on: Etsy
  • Make That a Double 19 of 20
    Make That a Double
    This one is my favorite. So funny!
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  • Maury says 20 of 20
    Maury says
    You ARE the Father. Now, run off stage!
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Which is your favorite one? Would you buy these for your baby?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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