Incredible Pregnancy Body Art

There is something so incredibly beautiful about a pregnant body. While I sometimes find it hard to come to grips with the physical changes my body makes during pregnancy, I can’t help but love my beautiful bump.

There are so many creative ways to show off your baby bump, but painting your entire body is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I came across artist and photographer, Vanessa Wayne’s, artwork on Facebook and was immediately blown away with the incredible detail of her work on a pregnant woman’s body.

Instead of painting just the belly, like most of us are used to seeing, Vanessa uses the entire body as her canvas. All of her artwork is done by hand and usually takes approximately 4 hours to complete. She describes the experience as “very relaxing” for the moms-to-be.

Check out these amazing and beautiful pregnancy full body paintings:

  • Bright and Cheerful 1 of 8
    I love the bright colors and hearts all over. It shows that pregnancy is truly a happy time!
  • A Mother’s Love 2 of 8
    This is my favorite of her artwork. I love how is capture's a nurturing moment between mother and child.
  • Happy Easter 3 of 8
    This one just makes me smile. It takes Easter to an entirely new level. I love how she even painted her face, and added the ears for a special touch!
  • Look What the Stork Brought 4 of 8
    The sun painted on her face and chest shining down on the stork is so incredibly beautiful!
  • Autumn Family Affair 5 of 8
    The colors that all three family members have painted on them makes for a creative and fun fall photo!
  • Christmas Package 6 of 8
    The Santa suit created is done so well that it almost looks as if she is actually wearing one.
  • Over the Moon 7 of 8
    Another shot that brings a smile to my face. Love the incredible detail!
  • A Couple’s Love 8 of 8
    This shows the incredible love that a couple can have when they are expecting.

All images used with permission from Vanessa G. Wayne, owner of Photoness Wedding Photography. For more of her amazing bodypaintings, visit her website www.photoness.co.uk.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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