Inducing Labor: Feeling The Pressure Of A Deadline

inductionA few weeks ago, my doctor suggested that we set an “end date” on which my baby will be induced if I haven’t gone into labor naturally.  Providing that I actually make it that far, my baby is scheduled to be induced on May 30, which is 2 weeks past my due date.  Considering that I’ve been hoping for natural childbirth during my entire pregnancy, I have a really hard time imagining having to go down the induction road.

I’ve tried talking with my doctor and explaining to her that I’m just not comfortable inducing labor.  I’ve asked her about sweeping the membranes and she said in her experience it really didn’t do much unless my body was ready for labor.  Plus, since I’d tested positive for Strep B, I’d have to be monitored.  Her method of induction would be a prostaglandin gel if my cervix still hadn’t softened or ripened or an iv of Pitocin – the drug that I’ve been dreading most.  From what I’ve heard and read, Pitocin causes contractions that are stronger and closer together.  It requires constant monitoring, meaning I won’t be free to move around as much as I’d please during labor.   And, it has been said that labors induced with Pitocin are twice as likely to end in c-section.

It seems like induction is playing nature.  On one hand, I can’t help but think that by speeding up his process, that I’m doing the wrong thing.  If this baby isn’t ready to come out yet, he’s just not ready to come out.  There must be a reason why he’s still sitting cozy inside my belly.  However, statistics say that after 42 weeks in gestation the risks to both the baby and the mother outweigh the potential risks from induction.  Of course I want what’s best for my baby and for myself, and naturally I’m just dying to meet him, but quite honestly, I’m afraid of the possible consequences of being induced.

So, now I’m faced with a deadline of sorts and I can’t stop thinking about it.  I’m also just plain uncomfortable.  My belly is feeling so big and heavy, plus those cute little flutters I once enjoyed are on the point of being quite painful these days.  I’m quite convinced he’s stretched out in there, feet kicked back, just enjoying the scenery.

Sigh… Now that I’ve gotten myself all worked up and nervous about induction, I’m off to try just about everything I can to work this baby out naturally.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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