Infertility and Age Doesn’t Always Make Sense

Infertility and Age Doesn't Always Make SenseWhen we began trying to conceive our fourth child, my mind was so far away from any struggles with infertility. I have had my share of pregnancy issues, but getting pregnant was never really our trouble. We were instead, worried about staying pregnant, potentially having a miscarriages again, and getting through the stresses of early pregnancy.

As we started the process of trying to conceive, including making sure we had all the medications I needed, getting a fresh battery in my basal body thermometer, and having low-dose aspirin and prenatal vitamins in house, I never knew infertility would soon be our struggle.

I was only 30-years-old when we started trying for baby number four. Many people in that age group are just starting their family and I thought there would be no issues for me since 30 really seemed too young to have to worry about fertility.

As the months went by and we passed the longest it had ever taken us to conceive (only 4 months), I started to wonder about my age. I had always heard that it was harder to conceive once you hit 34-35 years old, but I was still years away a few years away from that range. As the months rolled on, and turned into a year, I had a feeling that I was wrong in my assumption that infertility only hit older women… it had hit me.

I thought I knew what I was getting into, but as we passed the year mark, I realized the pain that infertility caused. I understood the feeling of your body failing you — even if it has produced a healthy child in the past. I understood that age and fertility doesn’t always make sense as I once thought it had.

If you’ve struggled with infertility, do you think age factor is a large misunderstood myth? 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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