Infertility: Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Having Another Hot Flash

Infertility: Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Having Another Hot Flash“Mommy, why are you all sweaty?”

“Mom, why do you have your head in the fridge?”

Me: “Oh, don’t mind me kids, I’m just having another hot flash.

I am now on my 5th cycle of fertility medication. A double dose of hormones to kick-start my lazy ovaries into releasing an egg. A necessary process in order to get my uterus “occupied” and completing our family.

I have heard so many horror stories on the side effects of Clomid. My own doctor warned me that the longer you’re on it, the harder the side effects may hit. I was told that I could become a crazy, hormonal woman who I don’t recognize and so many friends warned me that it could happen.

Thankfully, apart from the first cycle, I don’t find my mood is affected too much. There are days where I feel abnormally teary or mushy, but it never gets as far as tears, so it must not be that bad. I have experienced some pretty bad headaches that I get each day I take the 5-dose of pills, but Tylenol seems to take it away.

There is one side effect that has done what the doctor warned me about — gotten worse each month I take the medication.

Hot flashes.

I can be sitting down, minding my own business when all of the sudden my face starts to feel hot. Then, that heat works it’s way down and before I know it, I am dripping in sweat.

I am not normally one who perspires a lot — it takes a lot of exercise to break into a sweat, but it’s no match for Clomid. Before I know it, I am stripping off my clothes and heading to the nearest fan to cool myself down. It’s annoying at home, but totally awkward when I am out in public and my kids ask what’s going on with my face.

I am just so thankful it’s right in the dead of winter right now and I am just a few steps away from below freezing temperatures. I feel for anyone dealing with the hot flashes under the summer sun.

What is or was the worst side effect you had to deal with when taking fertility medication?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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