Gorgeous Online Pregnancy And Baby Album

Over at Elephant Journal, Joana Smith has created a crazily beautiful and touching photo collage about becoming a mother. It’s about a lot of other things too, but the loose thread seems to come back to themes of enclosure, chaos and comfort that baby-having seems to bring with it.

It’s called, Note To Self: Your Life Is Going To Change.

There are pictures of sinks and household tools, bathroom mirror portraits, funny signs made possibly by an older child? There’s a sense of anticipation, a baby bump, kitchen floors, then a baby, then more domestic whirling and diving. As you scroll through the online collage, you’ll find dozens and dozens of pictures none so outstanding on it’s own but the net effect is powerful.

Looking at this makes me realize that collage may be the perfect way to describe the period of becoming a parent (again or for the first time). More pictures after the jump.

It’s such a strange and meaningful period in your life– you live in these small increments of time, between naps and feedings.

And then as your baby gets older, weird objects start to show up: When I clean up the apartment I’m constantly holding things up saying, “what IS THIS?” Sometimes I’ll get an answer (“the ‘crystal’ Sylvia found at spinning chair park,”) sometimes everyone just shrugs. This collage also made me think of all that semi-precious family detritus/treasure.

You can see the full series here.

All photos by Joana Smith.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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