Introducing Babble's Newest Addition: Kid Scoop

Here at Babble, the long parenting road often starts right here, at the Being Pregnant blog. It’s a wonderful place to begin the journey, But like most good things, “being pregnant” is short lived and always comes to an end.

After Being Pregnant comes Baby’s First Year and then of course Toddler Times.

Toddlers become “big kids”, and big kids are really a whole another ball game when it comes to raising. Big kids do stuff only babies and toddlers could ever dream of doing, things like going to school, riding bikes, and talking back.

Kids, aged 4-8, come with attitudes, opinions, defined personalities. They’re always right, and have a stories to tell, and attempt the most insane stunts.

Big kids are awesome.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that here at Babble, we have a new blog on the block. A blog dedicated to big kids and their stories. Join me in welcoming our latest addition, geared towards the 4-8 year old crowd, Kid Scoop.

Kid Scoop will help you stay in the loop with hot topics such as living as a cape crusader, how big kids are better than babies, and what it’s like to raising a Drama King.

I know I’m super excited about this new blog, as in addition to being pregnant, I’m also the mother to two sassy little girls, ages 4 and 7.

Follow Kid Scoop on Twitter, and of course never miss a playground minutes by subscribing to their feed.

Welcome, Kid Scoop. We’re glad you’re here.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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