Introducing Me, Before Kids: 10 Ways I’ve Changed Since Having Littles

That’s me now. Flash back. Let’s rewind to ten years ago. I would most likely be laying in bed at 2pm, watching E! all day, reading a pile of magazines with not a care in the world besides my dinner plans for that evening. Ah, what a life right?

But here is the thing, it may have been the life back than but I wouldn’t change my life now for the world. Okay, maybe a few things here and there but as for my Littles – no way. Sure, I miss sleeping in and only having to take care of me, getting my nails done on a weekly basis, not being paranoid and well, the list goes on but – I love them.  However, ten years ago I would have never said I wanted 5 kids. Usually when asked the question I would say none. Funny how things change. Look at me now, I almost have a soccer team.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to take a look back over the years to see just how my Littles have changed me. It’s funny how kids do that right?

After the jump, see just how my Littles have changed me, myself and I.

Do you think having kids will change you or have they already?

  • Hello Cleavage! 1 of 10
    Hello Cleavage!
    Okay, sorry for the TMI but, with each child, they've gone up a cup. Yep, I used to be a C + now and now I'm almost an E. Pretty crazy!
  • Oh, Thin Hair 2 of 10
    Oh, Thin Hair
    My hair has changed so much. It used to be very curly and have tons of body. Now, it's a hot thinning mess. I have a little curl left but not nearly as much as I used to and seriously, my hair has gotten so thin sometimes I want to cry.
  • Germs Freak Me Out 3 of 10
    Germs Freak Me Out
    Okay, so I am not seriously bad but I never worried about germs until I had kids. Especially germs in public places.Like when I see those play areas in the mall, I cringe with the thought of all those germs. Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes have become my best friend.
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  • Sleep Schedule 4 of 10
    Sleep Schedule
    Sleep? What is that again? I don't have one. Some days I am up working until 3am, and that's most days. And sleeping in? Ha. That's a dream and a far memory.
  • Pass the Xanax 5 of 10
    Pass the Xanax
    Hello, Mrs. Paranoid. Yep, that is me. It's something about having kids that can make anxiety and being paranoid kick in. It's very odd but - I've talked to so many others who feel the same way. I used to love the waves and going all the way out in the ocean. Since I've had babies, I hardly go in at all. It's little things that I used to love but now have more fear than before. It scares me. I worry over sex offenders, school shootings, can't wait the news, and well - the list goes on. I am not sure if it has something to do with protecting my children or what but I am way more paranoid. Worries are always on the brain.
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  • The Weeklies 6 of 10
    The Weeklies
    Prior to having kids, and probably with the first two I had to do one thing each week. Pick up my Wednesday Weeklies. Yes, the gossip mags. Mid-week I would grab InTouch, UsWeekly, and Life and Style. Religiously. I wouldn't go a week without reading them. But once I had Little no. 3 and 4 well - grabbing the weeklies is something I don't care nearly as much about. Now, I just read TMZ in bed from my iPhone.
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  • In the Kitchen 7 of 10
    In the Kitchen
    I used to be all about eating out in my younger years and while we still do eat out, I am more cautious about what we put in our mouths. I will say, I think they have made me eat better. Otherwise, the hubs and I would still be eating out everyday.
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  • I’ve Become A Nag 8 of 10
    I've Become A Nag
    Ask the hubs. I am sure he will 100% agree. I feel like I listen to myself talk all day and can be a serious nag. With this, I've become a control freak and a little OCD. While I have always been a little bit of a control freak - it's gotten much worse since the little ones arrived. I was a little more cool, calm and collective back than.
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  • Weight 9 of 10
    I used to be 117 pounds. Let's not even say what I weigh now. But, I do have a serious after I pop this baby out exercise plan. And well, let's hope that works out this time around. It's sad to say when I had baby no. 4, I never got the baby weight off before getting pregnant with baby no. 5. Since of course, he was a big surprise. I am sure many Moms will say the same thing.
  • My Bladder Runs It 10 of 10
    My Bladder Runs It
    Again, another sorry for the TMI but, I don't think it will ever be the same. Sometimes I wish I could actually hold it but forget that. When I gotta go, I gotta go.
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