Introducing Your Older Child To The Baby In The Hospital

You’ve been prepping your older child for the upcoming birth of your baby, reading books, discussing what it will be like, but how do you actually make that introduction in the hospital? Here are some suggestions that helped us introduce our daughter to her brother and what we will be doing again as we introduce both older kids to baby Atticus.

Let us know if you have any great tips too!

Before the baby comes take your older child to the store and let them pick out a small gift for their new sibling or make a lovely picture. My daughter chose to make a beautiful family portrait this time around and we will put it in his bassinet at the hospital. Lincoln is a bit more clueless and just wants to get Atticus his own mini monster truck. Make sure you bring them to the hospital so the older sibling can give the gift themselves.

After the baby arrives and you are still in the hospital, it’s best if you can wait until you are free of the IV and tubes and such. Walking in on mommy in what seem like a scary place with giant needles and tubes can be upsetting for little ones. Sometimes this can’t be avoided. After the birth of my second, my doctor kept my IV in for 36 hours. My daughter was not happy about seeing tubes coming out of my arm, but I assured her everything was fine. (Although she still remembers those tubes 3 years later!)

If you had drugs that make you seem loopy, let those wear off or your child might think they’ve come to a place where a lobotomy occurred and all your child wants is their mommy back.

When the older child walks into your hospital room make sure the new baby is in the basinet. It’s hard enough having mommy away bringing a new baby into the world, but to have to walk in to mommy snuggling up the new bundle would be heartbreaking. This will also free your arms up for lots of snuggles and kisses for the older child who misses you so.

Upon arrival give your older child lots of attention, both with hugs and telling them you miss them and asking about activities, like what book they read today or let’s sing a song. After some nice mommy time and focus on the older one, then you can introduce the baby.

I buy simple gifts for my older kids that the new baby gives them in the hospital. If it’s something you choose to do, make sure to pack these in your hospital bag!

Little kids like to touch and kiss and snuggle. Resist the urge to scold or say no. For me, my daughter was healthy, she washed her hands, so I let her touch and kiss and hold her baby brother.

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