Is 34 Weeks The New 36 Weeks?

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I am not really sure why I still frequent those monthly due date groups through my pregnancies. In the past I have learned just how vile and truly toxic they can be. But I embraced it with this pregnancy and thought things I would be different…of course, I was wrong again.

In the past two weeks, women have been going into premature labor and giving birth prematurely left and right on my “due in May” board. There were two sets of twins, which of course is understandable, but then all these singleton babies, between 32 and 36 weeks gestation, most in the NICU and you have a group of women on the board truly jealous that they have their babies, and pissed off they are still pregnant.

The women have a ton of questions on naturally encouraging labor at home because their provider won’t induce them at 34 weeks because they are uncomfortable. I am still kind of in shock. I mean, who really wants a 3 or 4 pound baby in the NICU who will most likely still face lifelong problems because of being born prematurely?

I mean, 34 weeks is not the new 36 weeks. It is still the same old 34 weeks, when most hospitals will continue pregnancies, and fight off labor if you are prematurely going into labor on your own, as well as pump you full of steroids and drugs to halt any labor progress.

A couple weeks ago, with all of our pregnancy complications, I was scared to death that we would have to deliver my daughter at 35 weeks gestation. Pregnant, vulnerable, and scared that I may have to deal with a NICU and no longer be able to gestate, and protect my daughter until the time she is supposed to be born.

Hell yeah, I am uncomfortable. I am in my third trimester, my hips are killing me, restless legs has gotten the best of my sleep, and I think I just got kicked in the boob…no joke. But I wouldn’t take my own comfort over the health and well-being of my own child. And it bothers me that there are so many women who would simply not care enough, or think that 34 weeks is an acceptable time to start rushing their baby out into the world.

The March of Dimes has frequently spoken out about elective delivery before 39 weeks gestation despite the fact that most consider 37 weeks to be full term. Newsflash, people! Just because your estimated due date says you may be 37 weeks, that baby very well may be 35 weeks. Due dates are not exact dates, nor are they eviction dates.

If you don’t want to be uncomfortable, pregnancy probably isn’t the smartest option for you, considering all the physical strain it puts ¬†on our bodies. Morning sickness, cramps, peeing, constipation, pelvic pain and pressure, restless legs, throwing up, having a baby compacting our lungs, and everything else that goes along with pregnancy. It is not some kind of walk in the park. You are creating a whole new human being from scratch! Of course it is going to be difficult.

Mothers, we are supposed to protect our children and our babies, not purposely put them in harm’s way because we are sick of being pregnant.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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